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Drip-to-drain Grow Trays


drip to drain tray
drip to drain tray

Drip-to-Drain Grow Trays from Greenhaus are perfect for drip-to-drain irrigation vertical grow systems. They feature optional HDPE Inserts that are fungal-resistant and anti-microbial (see Inserts by scrolling down), and they are available in: 8’x4’, 8’x3’, 4’x4’, and 4’x3’ dimensions.

  • Tray is designed for use in a drip-to-drain irrigation style
  • 11ga aluminum with powder coat finish
  • Built in trough for easy drainage
  • Optional HDPE Inserts are fungal-resistant and anti-microbial
  • Inserts easily slide out for access to rear plants and cleaning
  • Built in struts provide support and attachment points for lights, air circulation, and plumbing
  • Available in: 8’x4’, 8’x3’, 4’x4’, and 4’x3’
  • Patent Pending
  • Made To Order, longer leads will apply. Check with your sales person for details.
Line Drawing of Drain Tray

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