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Greenhaus Industries is an innovator and manufacturer of multi-level cultivation and drying systems designed for the vertical farming industry. Founded in 2013, Greenhaus Industries designs and manufactures multi-layer cultivation and drying systems. Greenhaus systems allow cultivators to maximize small and large spaces for vertical cultivation and drying facilities, which can dramatically increase production and profits.

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Combination Grow Trays with Optional HDPE Inserts
Drip-To-Drain Tray with Optional HPDE Inserts
ABS Combination Tray

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Don’t take it from us – read what a few of our clients have to say about our excellent customer service and product quality.

James Cunningham

Fog City Farms logo

Pipp Mobile has enabled us to have a highly efficient, durable, multi-layered platform. The mobile carriages make all parts of the garden easily accessible and are almost effortless to move.

Hunter Mishler

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Redbud Roots

Pipp has really been a partner not just for our production, but for our company as well, helping us with everything from drying our plants even to the storage of nutrients and other day-to-day things we need. Pipp has been there to solve the issues we had and helped us do our jobs better.

Jeremy Schecter

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Cultivation director, buckeye relief

We didn’t want to cut corners when it came to any of the equipment in our facility, so we went with the Pipp mobile racking. It has anti-microbial paint and it’s top of the line – very purpose-built, specifically for this application.

Bill Parker

leafline labs

CEO, Leafline labs

We chose to go Multi-Level & Mobile with Pipp as a cost-effective, easy and a fast way to increase our yields.

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About Pipp Horticulture

Pipp Horticulture’s mobile vertical grow racks allow cultivators to maximize space in cultivation production and post-harvest processing facilities. Implementing mobile cultivation racks will increase production by maximizing cubic canopy footprint without increasing the square footprint of the room or building. Vertical farming maximizes production capability, reduces operating costs, and increases overall revenue per square foot by as much as 3 times.

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COVID-19 Message

Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, Inc., IRSG, Pipp Horticulture, and Greenhaus Industries support the healthcare, medicinal cannabis, infrastructure, and distribution industries. We are considered an essential business and our facilities will remain operational during this time of crisis surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are abiding by the guidelines for responsible manufacturing and safe business practices set in place by our Local, State (IL and MI), and Federal Governments to ensure the safety of our employees. We are under “Shelter-In-Place” orders, therefore we are limiting our on-site staff and making accommodations for our team members to work remotely. Production, shipping, and communication may be limited or delayed during this time.

The health and safety of our employees is our top priority, however we are making every effort possible to support our customers during this difficult time.