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Say goodbye to static, single-level grow rooms. Greenhaus Industries’ multi-layer grow system with floating aisles allows producers to double or even triple their production by stacking and rolling production areas throughout their facility.

Our double-stacked bloom tables can be affixed to tracks or castors so it is unnecessary to leave room for aisles. This allows you to grow in every square and cubic foot of your production space. For example, a room that holds 10 tables can hold six more once the bloom tables are affixed to tracks. Combine that with the fact that stacking tables utilizes all of your vertical space and it’s easy to see how installing our system can increase your production by at least 60 percent.

For example, let’s say you have a 2200 sq ft bloom room that’s roughly 70’ x 35’. With single-level static aisles, that room is likely to produce about 600 lbs per year. Double stacking those tables and floating them would generate 1,920 lbs. per year.

Single-Level Static Tables Double-Stacked Tables on Floating Aisle
Room Size 2,200sqft 2,200sqft
Canopy 960sqft 3072sqft
Pounds Produced Per Year 600 lbs. 1,920
Value of Cannabis Produced (at $1,500 per lb.) $900,000 $2,880,000



 GreenhausRolling Double Stacks (Qty48)  $120,000 (includes Racks, Tables, Castors, Tracks + Shipping Allowance)
LED Lights (FluenceSPYDRx+@660watts)

Option 1:Bottom Layer LED & Top Layer Existing Lights (HPS@1,000 watts)

Option 2:Both Layers LED


Option 1:96 Lights @ $124,800

Option 2:192 Lights @ $249,600

HVAC (Equipment & Installation) Option 1:+25 Tons of HVAC @ $50,000

Option 2: +10 Tons of HVAC @ $20,000

Electric( AdditionalOutlets and Distribution) *Assuming additional amps are available Options 1 & 2:$15,000 (Allowance)


The initial investment of a Greenhaus Multi-Layer Grow System can pay for itself in 1-2 harvests. If utilizing LED lighting with our systems clients can also expect to decrease your electric and HVAC operation expenses up to 35%.

Whether you’re new to the industry or are working with an existing space, we can help you grow more in the space you have.