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Greenhaus Multilevel Grow Systems

Greenhaus grow systems are designed to help operators reduce and/or maximize their horizontal cultivation footprint by increasing their vertical cultivation footprint. Greenhaus tables are made using powder coated aluminum and come in the following styles: Drip-to-Waste, Ebb & Flow, Living Organic Soil Beds.  Standard sizes are 3×4, 4×4, 3×8, 4×8.  Custom sizes are also available to maximize any space big or small.

Our systems integrate with most lighting, fertigation, and irrigation systems.  Greenhaus multilevel grow systems are designed to meet building and seismic codes throughout the United States.  Table heights are easily adjusted to maximize grow space and ensure ergonomic and efficient workflow.

In many scenarios, we can affix our systems to castors, allowing them to roll or float. by eliminating fixed aisles, you can better maximize your space.  Greenhaus tables are easy to clean and sterilize and antibacterial inserts can be added to the system.


Our Products

Veg Tables

Greenhaus vertical grow tables reduce your vegetative footprint and allow more room for plants to flower. Many operators have come to us looking for a solution to grow in areas without adequate flowering space.  In most cases we are able to double or triple a grower’s productivity in their existing space by implementing these tables.

Bloom Tables

These tables are built to meet the demands of large-scale commercial agriculture. Greenhaus tables are designed to maximize your flowering space. Integrating a multilayer grow system can increase productivity by 100 percent or more.  Our tables are designed to integrate with any growing style from soil bed to ebb & flow.  Before you decide to look for a bigger space, find out whether  a multilayer grow system can provide that increase in production you’re looking for.

Anti-Microbial & Fungal Drainage Insert

Designed to compliment our Bloom and Veg tables, we offer anti-microbial and anti-fungal drainage inserts (white). These inserts sit on top of the tables to allow for proper drainage and air circulation beneath pots. Made in the USA of high density polyethylene, inserts can be easily removed for quick cleaning and sanitation.

Mobile Vertical Grow Racks

Greenhaus provides mobile vertical grow racks through our industry leading partner, Pipp Horticulture. We integrate a carriage and track system to create even more efficiency by eliminating permanent aisles. We will work with your architects and engineers to determine if this is an option for your project.